Sunday, April 24, 2011

Is the Future of Internet Writing Going to Include the Hispanic Community?

The United States is at almost 80% internet usage today. That is four out of five people use the internet at anyone period. With this in mind it is easy to see why the US is falling in the indices whixh show internet usage growth. Latin America though has seen rapid growth in Internet usage recently.

I live near a large Hispanic community, here in California. It seems though that few people in that community see opportunity to break into the Hispanic market for writing.

I as an English only writer am competing against thousands of others in a US and worldwide market which has matured and is near saturation. There is a real opportunity in my mind for Hispanic article writers to expand into Latin America from here in the US and build a solid following.

The demand for Hispanic writers and their work will also have increased demand over the next few decades at least, here in the United States. By 2050 the Hispanic community is estimated by the US Census Bureau to be a majority community in this country. That community if it becomes bi-lingual in English and Spanish could dominate the internet publishing world for the whole hemisphere. That is exciting!

But what we need now is to encourage the Hispanic community at all levels to build a foundation of good writing. 

Look to the English market to level off in the coming years. People will always speak a form of English, from native to English as a Second Language at all levels. But I believe that speaking to a people in their own language is much easier on the internet. For this reason I would say to Hispanic and non Hispanic alike, now is the time to look to Latin America and the probable Hispanic majority US as a potential market for the next forty years at least.

We should begin to support Hispanic use of the internet today, supporting the networks of the future now.  While the market is open, not wait for the markets to fill and we have to compete on a uneven playing field that advantages others.

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